Pallets Packing Cases & Crates

The manufacture of pallets & packing cases has been the primary source of our operation for over 30 years. Providing pallets & packing cases for blue chip companies to one-off  bespoke manufacturing. We can supply  many different styles of packing cases that can be produced from softwood timber and plywood. We also manufacture bespoke pallets/ cases to your specification and have an in-house design and development team to solve any of your timber packaging needs. Stencil /cutting /KD cases with any marking that you may require. All of our pallets and cases can be supplied heat treated for global export and we are fully approved & certified by the forestry commission. We can produce Heat treated pallets – Fully ISPM 15 compliant & New and Reconditioned pallets supplying a wide and varied customer base.  ISPM 15 is the internationally agreed standard for the treatment of all timber pallets and packaging timber that is made from solid wood. This Heat Treatment is required to be carried out on all exported pallets to non EU Union Countries, North America, China and many others who are requesting this form of treatment on imported goods.

All of our staff are experienced and fully trained in the industry.

We have been manufacturing pallets for 3 generations and have kept our clients satisfied.

We also offer a pallet collection service and pallet branding service.

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